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By Oye Dimelo Network •  Updated: 09/16/21 •  3 min read

 MoMo on the Move is a momo-focused food blog. Our mission? To find momos all over the world and share them with you! Whether momos are new to us or old favorites, we’ll do our best to help you track down your next momo adventure. Join us as we discover what momos have in store for us next! 

I can’t even feel my tongue anymore. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. The pain is unreal, but the momos are worth it, they’re so good! It’s always a challenge to eat spicy momos and we’ve tried it before and failed miserably. This time we want to win and make sure we survive the heat. We’ll put up with anything if momo is on the other side waiting for us! 

We are momo on the move, monica marquez and other spicy wing eaters. We are up for a challenge to see if we can survive this flaming hot wings.

Watch as I take on the Spicy Wings Challenge and attempt to eat wings that are hotter than anything you’ve ever tried! 

I’ll be honest, they’re so hot, I can’t even taste them. But in my opinion, these wings are a must-try for anyone who likes spicy food!

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I have to say, the momos at MoMo on the Move are so good I’ve been wanting more ever since we tried these spicy wings. It was a challenge eating them and it took me a while to get over my spice-induced heartburn but that doesn’t change how delicious they were! If you like hot food or momos then this is something worth trying out for yourself. I highly recommend giving it a shot if you want some new flavors in your life as well as some bragging rights with your friends. Hopefully, next time we can win the spicy wing challenge without any burning side effects. 

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