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MoMo on the Move went to San Diego for a trip adventure with friends. We visited popular places in San Diego, such as Sea World and Balboa Park. The journey was amazing and we had so much fun! 

We started our trip from momo on the move and went to pick up Monica Marquez. Then we met at momo on the Move’s office before heading off to San Diego. This was a great idea as it allowed us time for last minute preparation, such as charging phones! We were all super excited for this amazing journey ahead of us! When we arrived in San Diego, momo on the move showed us around Sea World and Balboa Park. The weather was perfect too which made everything even better! 


This trip was so fun and my mom is the best! MoMo on the Move made a post about how to go enjoy San Diego, CA. 

Hi! I’m MoMo On The Move and this is my San Diego Trip Adventure video. 

In this video, we’re going to talk about what you need to know before your trip, where to stay in San Diego, how to get around the city of San Diego, some fun things for kids to do in the area, and places that are great for grown-ups too. We’ll also go over some tips on packing if you’re traveling with kids. 

San Diego is a city full of art museums, historic landmarks, and stunning views from all angles. Come explore with me!

You can find full-length episodes at my MoMo on the Move Youtube Channel as well as listen to the podcast on all your Podcasts listening platforms.

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