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It’s a momo on the move! This is momo on the move giving you her MTV Cribs tour of their new home in Southern California.

Momo and her boyfriend just moved into a beautiful new apartment in California. Momo is giving you the full tour of their stylish home, from their luxurious master bedroom to momo’s walk-in closet! When momo does something she goes all out. This includes both work or play, momo loves doing everything with style – momo on the move. momo’s boyfriend is a fan of sports and he has decorated his room to show momo that she means the world too him. momo starts off her tour with their beautiful master bedroom, momo loves how big it is! The perfect place for momos eight hour beauty sleep – momo sleeps like a baby. momo’s second stop on her tour is momos walk-in closet, momo loves what a room it has been transformed into! It’s big enough for momo to fit all of momos fabulous clothes and shoes.

Next up you will see the lounge area where momo likes to relax after a long day of momoing and momo’s boyfriend likes to watch all his favorite sports games. momos next stop on the tour is momos bathroom, momo loves how big it is! It has a bathtub with jets so momo can take relaxing bubble baths – her favourite pastime.

MTV’s Cribs is back! This time with MoMo On The Move. 

In this video, I go through my entire home and give you a tour of the best parts. From the kitchen to my custom built-in entertainment center, you’ll get a glimpse into what it takes to live in luxury.

You can find full-length episodes at my MoMo on the Move Youtube Channel as well as listen to the podcast on all your Podcasts listening platforms.

Brought to you by Oye Dimelo Network Member MoMo!

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Momo and her boyfriend just moved into a new apartment in Southern California. The two of them are happy with their decision to move there, but momo is still missing the beautiful buildings from back home. As they tour their new place on MTV Cribs style, you’ll see how momo’s personality shines through as she gives us a glimpse inside her life. Her colorful artwork decorates every corner of this pad and momo doesn’t shy away from sharing why she loves each piece so much. In fact, momo shares that one painting was done by an artist who came up to her randomly at the beach when she was trying to take some time for herself from work after moving here last year! What advice does momo have about starting over? She says “the best advice I can give is to schedule time for yourself.”

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