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A GEEKY Latinx Writer

A great conversation about growing up in East LA, housing in Los Angeles, being purposeful in character descriptions, and masculinity in the queer community!

 I’m Ruben Mendive, la lista host. 

The la lista podcast is a podcast hosted by me interviewing LatinX Writer’s every tuesday on the Oye Dimelo Network and across podcasting platforms online. I am currently interviewing Cesar Carmona, an award-winning journalist who has written for The New York Times, National Geographic, ESPN Magazine and Vice News among others. He is also the author of “Pocho: Mexican Gangsters in East LA.” This la lista episode will be focused on his work as a journalist and what he learned about gangs while doing research for Pocho. I hope you enjoy it!

La Lista Podcast is a bilingual (Spanish-English) podcast created and hosted by Ruben Mendive here at the Oye Dimelo Network. The podcast allows Latino and Latina writers to talk about their work in an intimate setting. Some of the topics discussed on La Lista include writing techniques, Latino/Latina culture, and related literary topics

Each episode of La Lista includes Latino and Latina writers discussing writing techniques, pop-culture topics, racism, and gender discrimination. La Lista is a platform that gives latinx writers the opportunity to express themselves and their work in an open, constructive environment. La Lista was started by Ruben Mendive of La Lista who wanted to create a space for Latinos/as where they could talk about writing and literature without judgement. The goal of La Lista is also to connect writers to work with other writers and their communities in order to expand their literary world. 

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