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“The movie “Death of Stalin” was recently released in theaters. It is a comedy by the director Armando Iannucci, and it follows the events that happened after Joseph Stalin died.” 

“This film has received mixed reviews from professional critics. Some say that it’s too long and not funny enough while others have said otherwise.” 

“If you are looking for a light-hearted comedy to take your mind off of things this year, then Death of Stalin might be just what you need.”

Death of Stalin Movie Review | Oye Cinema Club

1. The movie is based on a book written by British author, journalist, and historian,

2. It’s set in Moscow during the final days of World War II 

3. It follows the power struggle that ensues when Stalin dies with no clear successor 

4. The film starts out with Lavrentiy Beria (played by Simon Russell Beale) having dinner with his family in Moscow 

5. He gets a call from Stalin who asks him to come to his office for an urgent meeting about “something important” 

6. When he arrives at Stalin’s office, he sees that another man has been shot dead on the ground just outside the door- it seems like there was some kind of coup attempt against Stalin which failed miserably as we see soldiers being led away by guards while two men are still standing over the corpse looking stunned and guilty – this scene sets up what will be one of many comedic moments in this film where you’re not sure if they’re trying to make light of something horrific or if they’re actually serious about how bad things are going for these people

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Here is a video review of the epic film “Death of Stalin” by members of our Cinema Club. We hope you enjoy it!      

“Post-death, the Soviet Union’s power is being overthrown by those who are desperate for a change in leadership. The movie touches on this idea of what happens to society when its leader dies.”

“As things fall apart and chaos ensues, Nikita Khrushchev takes over as temporary Premier of the United States with support from Marshal Georgy Zhukov.”

One major plot point I found interesting was how quick people were to go against their own morals because they had been brainwashed into believing Stalin’s ideals.  

This is an excellent film. For those of you who have read the book, this movie does not disappoint in any way. The acting was flawless and I recommend it to anyone with a taste for historical dramas or thrillers. Oye Cinema Club’s Review of the Movie can be found here at

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