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Byzantium is a movie that follows two young sisters, Clara and Eleanor, who are outcasts in their small village. They grow up to be strong-willed women who refuse to play by the rules of society. The film has been described as original and visually stunning with an edge of darkness. 

It’s set in the late 18th century during the height of industrialization which makes for some interesting settings and themes throughout the film. There is also a strong sense of feminism which helped me relate to these characters very well. I felt like this was a great movie because it had just enough humor mixed with some dark subject matter that made it feel light but still powerful at times. 

Byzantium Movie Review | Oye Cinema Club

1. What can you tell me about Byzantium

2. The movie’s plot

3. The soundtrack and cinematography 

4. My impression of the film, as well as what I liked and disliked about it

5. Why should people go see this movie (or not)?

6. A rating for the film from 1-10, with 10 being best possible score, and why that number was given

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Here is a video review of the epic film “Byzantium” by members of our Cinema Club. We hope you enjoy it!          

The plot of the film is about two mysterious women who have sought shelter at a local resort and are running from something terrible they don’t want to be found out by others.  The townspeople learn their secret as more people start dying, which leads them on an adventure to find out what’s happening in this coastal town while trying not to become victims themselves. 

I loved the soundtrack for the film because many songs were played during intense scenes when there was no dialogue so I could get into the story even more without distractions; however, sometimes we did see characters singing or playing instruments which was a fun addition. 

I found the film to be suspenseful and scary at times, which made it so enjoyable because I knew that there were going to more deaths later on in the movie. While watching this type of thriller, you are always wondering when something is going to happen next and it just builds up until its climax towards the end of the story; Byzantium had an excellent flow with not too much action or dialogue but with enough suspense for me!

The plot twists within members of our Cinema Club: we hope you enjoy it!

The movie is a thriller that takes place in the coastal town of Byzantium. Two women, one young and beautiful, the other old and haggard arrive at the local resort seeking shelter from an impending storm. They tell stories to entertain themselves during their stay but when they offer two strangers who happen to be passing by some food; things take a turn for the worse as what was originally thought to be simply a story becomes reality. This film has been praised for its atmospheric tension and tight storytelling which makes it worth watching if you’re into suspenseful thrillers! Oye Cinema Club’s Review can give you more details on this movie so go check them out!      

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