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This content is about momo on the move and her boxing training. Learning about the roots of her neighborhood as well as learning how to become a better boxer. 

MoMo on the Move was raised in New York City’s South Bronx neighborhood. She has an interest in boxing and has started taking classes to learn more about it. As she learns more, she will be able to share what she learned with others who are interested in this sport or just want to get fit physically and mentally while having fun! MoMo hopes that by sharing these experiences, there will be an increase in women boxing trainers around NYC.

The boxing training is helping momo on the move learn how to become a better boxer. She’s learning about her roots as well as herself and it can be seen in her eyes that she feels like she has found something special for herself, which might help with some of those everyday struggles we all face at one point or another. 

Boxing is a great way to get some exercise, release tension, and have fun with friends. But boxing isn’t just for beginners! Watch MoMo on the Move teach you how to stay safe while still getting that competitive edge.

You can find full-length episodes at my MoMo on the Move Youtube Channel as well as listen to the podcast on all your Podcasts listening platforms.

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If you’ve ever wanted to learn how boxing can make your life better, momo on the move is here for you. She’s teaching everyone about this amazing sport and all of its benefits. If you want to become a pro boxer or just get in shape while having fun with friends, momo has some great tips that will help take your game up a notch! From learning more about yourself as well as why momo loves boxing so much, she’ll show you what it takes to be successful at her favorite hobby. For those women looking to start their own business by becoming an instructor or starting their own fitness center, momo shares her experience from when she first started out and gives advice on how anyone can achieve success through hard work and determination.

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